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Prayer Request From Cole: Almighty God I give you honor, praise, glory and thanks Dear Lord. I Thank-you for sending your Son Jesus Christ to die for all my sins and take all my sins away from me on the Cross. I Thank-you that Satan and his entire kingdom have no hold on me whatsoever. Romans Chapter 8 and Psalm 103 assure me that I am totally and fully forgiven, that you are Superior in Mercy and Grace and that now all I have to do is look to Jesus and grow in His image (as He is Your Image Father God). Dear God please help me when I begin to “fall” to Satan’s lies and deceptions. Please send your Holy Spirit to renew me into Christ. Please send your Holy Spirit, my ministering angels and angelic armies of Heaven to cast down any thing Satan tries to turn into a stronghold or sin against You. Dear God please help me not to dwell on any negative thoughts of my sins or any other situations but to fully remove these things out of myself and my life and focus on your Bible, the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, Church and lovingly sharing Salvation with others. Please remove the darkness from my mind, and my surroundings and fill everything up with the Love and the Light of Jesus Christ (my Lord and Savior). I pray this prayer for myself, my family, my friends and all Christians everywhere. All these things I ask now in Jesus’ Name and His Precious Blood. Amen.